Spring Collection

With temperatures getting warmer, and the Disc Golf season underway, Dreamspace Disc Golf Co. Has created a line of products to not only make you look good on and off the course but compliment the changing weather so you feel and play your best!

Meet Our Captain

Meet Daisey,

Embracing disc golf as a way to remain active during the pandemic, Daisey quickly discovered a new passion and spark in her competitive spirit. Playing her first competitive event in the fall of 2021, her ascent has been remarkable, claiming the NADGT National Championship (FA2) in October 2022. Today, primarily playing in the FA1 division, her sights are locked on continuing to grow her rating, fueling her relentless pursuit of progress.
Beyond the game itself, she's a dedicated presence within her local disc golf community, wearing many hats. As Vice President of the Whatcom Disc Golf Club, she coordinates media and membership for her local club and is a linchpin of the areas vibrant disc golf network. Further, she co-owns Far From Par Disc Golf, an emerging pro-shop in her community. From orchestrating sanctioned and unsanctioned leagues and tournaments to nurturing a burgeoning women's group, her commitment radiates.

In addition to being a proud Dream Team member, Daisey also represents Atlas Disc Golf Supply, Uncle Al's CBD Balm, Wild Discs, and Thought Space Athletics.

Jessica McClung

Hi- I’m Jess. I’ve been on team Dreamspace since it was founded and have recently been promoted to the Dream Team. I’m from California. I’ve been playing disc golf since 2017 and began playing competitively in 2018-2019. My favorite disc is hands down the Innova Wraith. My favorite course is Black Mouse in Felton, Ca. (Also hands down because of the Redwoods). My favorite tournament so far has been the Women ‘s Global Event at Pinto Lake last year. I took first in FA1 and placed 30th out of about 360 competitors globally. Aside from disc golf, I’m an attorney and also serve on the Board of Directors for Fresno County Women Lawyers. A passion of mine is furthering and promoting the interests of women in sports and in the legal profession, which are both typically male dominated areas. My goals for this year are to continue to grow the sport for women, play more sanctioned events, and consistently increase my rating. 

Austin Spradlin

Hi! My name is Austin Spradlin, I've been playing for 17 going on 18 years. The week before my 17th birthday I was able to break records that were never thought of being broken. As I did come shy of setting the over all world distance record, I did set the 18 & under world distance record at 972ft. Only the 3rd person ever to throw 900+ ft. This year my goal is to show my true potential of a player. I've always been known for my distance but I lacked everywhere else. This off season I worked on my putting, my short game, my sidearm, and most importantly my mental. This season I hope to exceed the 1000 rated mark. And show people where I stand and what I can do in this sport.

Alex Lyon

Howdy my names Alex Lyon, I’m 24 but have been in the game along time. It’s been a long slow process with little success till recent years but I’ll never stop. My goals for the future are alittle different than other players, I just want to keep being me and and pave my own way in the sport to show the younger generation that it doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. Disc golf is about getting together with your buddies and making memories, so don’t put so much pressure on yourself and just live in the moment 🤟🏼

Kelly Jew

Hello, my name is Kelly Jew and I have been playing disc golf since 2019. It started as a side hobby in college to compete outside of collegiate volleyball. Quickly, I began to fall in love with the sport. Now, I love competing and pushing myself and others to become better. In late 2020 I signed up for the PDGA and jumped into MPO shortly after knowing that playing with the best players I can would make me better. I've played some great events and have gotten to travel all over the state meeting so many different people. My biggest goals include pushing my rating to 1000 and consistently putting myself in contention at events. I was able to get my first win at my home course's B-Tier and I'm looking to add to the win list! I plan on continuing to push myself and the sport as I play and look forward to what I can do!

Faith Colbert

Hello, my name is Faith Colbert! I threw my first disc in 2019 of December and have been hooked ever since! My first tournament was in July of 2020, and I've quickly thrived in the competitive environment of the sport. Over the years, I've traveled all over the country for events to gain experience as a player. Meeting people from everywhere while creating positive vibrations in this sport through my internal motivation brings me joy. Currently, I'm finishing my bachelors at Sam Houston State University in communications with a minor in business. My goal is to jump into some DGPT events once I finish this step! I'm very pleased to be on this journey with Dreamspace and my sponsorships with Lone Star Disc, Dryv Bagz, Cycleworks Disc Golf Shop, Discology Disc Golf, and Big Country Beef Jerky as my supporters. 😊

Rebekkah Sidwell

Hi! My name is Bekka. Mother of 3, full time phlebotomist and a disc golf addict.

I started playing disc golf spring of 2020. I took the plunge and participated in my first tournament of August of 2020. I was hooked and never looked back.

Through my disc golf journey I have traveled to new places, made life long friends and found an outlet for my competitive nature. This season i moved up to primarily play FA1, but also play FA40. I aspire to podium at Masters Worlds in July 2024 and continuously working towards a rating of 850. I hope to inspire other women to chase their dreams no matter the chapter in their life.

In addition to Dreamspace; I also represent Zuca, Idio Sports, TeeBoxSox, SewFly Originals and Screwy Dye Jobs.

Dustin Johnson

My name is Dustin Johnson (#101534) and I started playing disc golf in Fall 2017 while I was attending CSU Monterey Bay. I played with the team there for 4 years and was lucky enough to compete at College Nationals my sophomore year. I enjoyed growing my college team and doing events on the campus and in the community in Monterey. I am currently on Team Innova and Team Disc Store along with the Dream Team. I enjoy teaching the game and have now helped teach disc golf in the adaptive community in Southern California and at the middle school in my home town. I look forward to creating more growth in the sport and playing more tournaments in the future. Thank you for taking a look and considering supporting me!

Jeff McCormick

Hey everyone! I'm Jeffrey McCormick, also known as "The Spice Rack". I first picked up a disc in the middle of 2018 and fell in love with the sport. This year has been a rollercoaster so far, but its still only the beginning. My goal by the end of this year is to get rated back into the mid 980s and continue to climb. Long term, I would love to be apart of the Tour!