Spring Collection

With temperatures getting warmer, and the Disc Golf season underway, Dreamspace Disc Golf Co. Has created a line of products to not only make you look good on and off the course but compliment the changing weather so you feel and play your best!

Meet Our Captain

Austin Spradlin

Hi! My name is Austin Spradlin, I've been playing for17 going on 18 years. The week before my 17th birthday I was able to break records that were never thought of being broken. As I did come shy of setting the over all world distance record, I did set the 18 & under world distance record at 972ft. Only the 3rd person ever to throw 900+ ft. This year my goal is to show my true potential of a player. I've always been known for my distance but I lacked everywhere else.

This off season I worked on my putting, my short game, my sidearm, and most importantly my mental. This season I hope to exceed the 1000 rated mark. And show people where I stand and what I can do in this sport.

Jaden Chezem

I started playing disc golf in 2019 and fell in love right away. My competitive spirit forced me to practice more to get better then the guys around me. Keeping this competitive spirit has aloud me to compete in many events this last year meeting some very cool people and playing lots of new courses.

My goal is to make Disc Golf my career giving me the best job in the world. Disc golf is growing at a rapid pace which is awesome to be a part of.