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Dream Team Challenge

Welcome to The Dream Team Challenge!

This tournament is all about that money! Payouts are limited to only the top 3 teams in each division regardless of size. This is a Non-PDGA sanctioned event which means AMs will also be paid in cash.

This event was planned to bring out all sorts of competitors from every level!

lets all go out and see who has the dream team!!

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  • Crystal Tie Dye Hoodies

    Crafted for comfort, these hoodie will keep you warm and comfortable all day!! whether your out with friends, or on the course, the vibrant colors and patterns explode on this tie-dye hoodie so you will for sure stand out amongst your peers!!  

  • Our 2023 Team Captain

    Austin Spradlin

    Meet our Captain 
  • 1St Annual Dreamspace Birthday Bash

    This is a 1 Day, 2 round, Sanctioned C-Teir event that Dreamspace Disc Golf Co. is hosting in celebration of our 1 year anniversary of our company!

    come out and Celbrate with us!!

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Our Mission



Here at Dreamspace Disc Golf Co. we pride ourselves in our ability to design artwork and logos that are unique and outside the box! It is our companies mission to rebrand the everyday disc golfer and allow them to find confidence through how they look on the course!


Our mission has always been to aid in the search for ones confidnece!

Our company see our platform as bridge between social norms in our sport, and the creative energy that flows within all of us!!

It is this energy that we are striving to bring out of our supporters in order to allow anyone, and everyone, to express themselves to their fullest capabilities!


allowing yourself to open up and beging expressing yourself is one of the strong factors when developing a passion for something!

Here at Dreamspace we hope to aid in this process and be the fuel that feeds your creativity, your expression, and ultimately increase your confidence in yourself